Nufree Hair Removal System is 100% organic, no chemicals, no sugar, no wax.  It bonds with hair only, minimizing irritation – 75% less painful!  Removes entire hair, root bulb and shaft each time – no stubble!  However, use of glycolic or acid peels:  Retinal, Differen or Accutane; or vitamin A products may result in thinning or the skin and can cause irritation or peeling of the skin.  We recommend stopping uses 24-48 hours prior to appointment.

Brow Design  $20.00        
Lip  $12.00
Brow Maintenance   $16.00        
Chin  $14.00
Sideburns   $14.00        
Neck  $16.00
Half Arms  $26.00        
Full Arms   $34.00
Underarms  $24.00        
Hands/Fingers  $12.00
Lower Legs    $42.00        
Upper Legs   $46.00
Full Legs    $66.00        
Feet/Toes            $12.00
Bikini                     starts at $28.00        
Brazilian             starts at $65.00
Demarcation                 starts at $14.00        
Chest                 starts at $42.00
Full Back                $48.00        
Full Back w/shoulders        $68.00
Glutes                    $30.00

All services performed by Julie Cavalieri, Esthetician and Make-up Artist