All Spa Services include Aveda Essential Spa Rituals:  Sensory Journey, Open/Closing Breaths, Aromatic Hot Towels, Scalp/Foot Element and Finishing Touch.

Eyelash & Brow Tinting: 
Temporarily tinting eyelashes or brows with a vegetable dye.  Lasts 6-8 weeks.                                                                                                                    
Lashes     $45.00 (30 mins.)    
Brows     $25.00 (15 mins.)    
Lash & Brows     $60.00 (30 mins.)

Eyelash Perming: 
Curling the upper lashes with a perm designed specifically for the eyelashes. Lasts 6-8 weeks.                                                                                                            
Perm     $80.00 (45 mins)        
Perm & Tint     $99.00 (45 mins.)

Basic Make-up Applications                                                                                                  $55.00    (45 mins.)

Specialty Make-up Applications: 
Includes corrective and contouring techniques and application.
$75.00  (75 mins)

False Lash Application:
Strips or Clusters
$20.00 (15 mins.)

Make-up Lessons: 
Half hour or full hour lessons.  Full hour includes color/ technique guidance and hands-on application.  Half hour lessons focus on a particular feature with color/ technique guidance.                                                                                                            
½ Hour     $45.00    (45 mins.)        
1 Hour       $70.00 (75 mins.)

Air Brush Tanning: 
A sunless tanner (St. Tropez) is sprayed onto the body to create sun-kissed tone.  One application last about 3 days.  Exfoliation is recommended prior to service to ensure an even and lasting result.                                                                                       
Full Body    $40.00 (30 mins.)    
½ Body     $25.00 (15 mins.)

All services performed by Julie Cavalieri, Esthetician and Make-up Artist