Wellness Treatments

Himalayan Rejuvenation Treatment $180 (2 1/2 hrs)

Ear Coning: $45 (45 min)
This ancient technique is a noninvasive way to remove wax build up that normal cleaning cannot. Also aids in the removal of yeast, fungus and remnants of past infections. 

Sinus Cleansing: $50 (45 mins)
Inhalation therapy (aromatic steam) combined with pressure point and lymphatic massage to assist the body in clearing the sinuses of congestion due to allergens, toxins and stress. 

Sensory Cleanse: $75 (75min)
Combines Sinus Cleansing and Ear Coning for a full Sensory Cleanse.

Lymphatic Massage: $50 (30min)
Gentle stimulation of the lymphatic system in the face and head region to effectively clear accumulated impurities and optimize the flow of lymphatic fluid.

Essential Steam Therapy: $50 (45min) Add-on treatment $40
To relax, rejuvenate and cleanse; this treatment combines inhalation therapy, full body essential oil application and the steam canopy.

Restore Balance: $75 (45min)
Begin by determining your Dosha and making aroma selections: then enjoy the Indian Head Massage and a grounding foot massage with reflexology to restore the feeling of balance.

Shirodhara/Mind Relaxation: $46 (30min.)
The Aveda Stress-Relieving scalp massage is followed by the stream of warm sesame oil flowing onto the third eye, over the crown chakra and off the back of the head to relax the nervous system and quiet the mind.

Indian Head Massage: $46 (30min.)
Concentrating on the Ayurvedic energy points of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp, this treatment improves circulation while relaxing and rejuvenating.

All services performed by Julie Cavalieri, Esthetician and Make-up Artist