TLS Transitions Weight loss Nutrition Program at Hair, Heart & Soul

We are now offering a New Healthier You! The TLS Weight Loss Solution is a life changing experience. Tired of the yo yo diets? Losing weight and not able to keep it off? THIS IS YOUR answer...

At Hair, Heart and Soul we want to start with your inner beauty. We want you feeling healthier, with more energy.  We want you happier and confident in YOUR body! Sign up today at the salon and we will be your support every step of the way to a healthier new YOU!

  • Boost your metabolism
  • Curb food cravings
  • Increase energy

Before...                                and......After!


About TLS® Weight Loss Solution:
    • Low-glycemic weight loss program that keeps you satisfied while enjoying your favorite foods.
    • 90-Day Action Guide & Journal to help you track food intake, find healthy recipes, learn new exercises and be monitored by your coach.
    • Customizable menu plans suitable for any lifestyle — whether you’re looking to gain energy, get healthy or lose 5 pounds, 50 pounds or more.
    • Specially formulated, science-based weight loss supplements to help support your progress & metabolism.
    • 8 Weeks of Educational Classes by a Certified TLS® Coach